About Us

The Vintage Program provides benefits to a variety of industries and manufacturers. Our partnerships include over 80 Major Original Equipment Manufacurers along with International Distribution Networks.

We support durable goods manufacturers in industries including automobile, construction, transportation equipment, mining and material handling. Slow moving or inactive parts tie up corporate resources such as money, space and personnel. We buy these parts and continue to make them available only to your authorized customers. This minimizes the risk of alienating loyal customers and costly re-manufacturing, while enabling you to provide service parts well beyond their normal market life.

Vintage Program

  • Vintage Parts purchases slow moving and inactive service parts inventory.
  • Vintage Parts arranges transport of all approved inventory.
  • The inventory is cataloged and placed in our modern storage facilities.
  • Parts are available for purchase within 24 hours.
  • Vintage Parts provides prompt, professional courteous service.
  • Vintage Parts sells only to authorized customers.


  • Frees up your valuable storage space by reducing your slow moving and inactive parts inventory, allowing better use of company resources.
  • Provides extended long-term product support for your customers.
  • Reaffirms customer loyalty by having the right part, at the right price, at the right time for your customer.
  • Provides possible tax benefits.

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