DAIMLER TRUCKS NA - 1513932005


Part #: 1513932005

Description: GUS LOW ARLNR .437X11.

Weight: 13.4

Qty: 0

Vintage Parts manages thousands of high quality new parts received directly from DAIMLER TRUCKS NA. These parts are available for sale through DAIMLER TRUCKS NA authorized dealer. Research VPI’s availability for the part and then contact your local dealer. Please let them know that you found the part available on the VPARTSINC.COM website and they will be happy to order you the part. The dealer can even have the part drop-shipped to your location.

*This item is new to Vintage Parts and the weight has not been validated.
**This item exceeds 150 lbs and requires special shipping.
Please call Customer Service at 877-846-8243 to place your order.